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Doug & Indu, June 2012

“I planned a wedding in Guiones last year, and hired Mason Dunn to DJ the reception.  Mason made sure that the music we wanted was available for the special event.  Some of the music was from India and I was surprised how quickly he came up with it.  The music he played was perfect.  His equipment and sound system rocked. We really enjoyed working with him.  Our guests said he was a lot of fun and had a great personality.  I will use Mason for the parties I throw in the future.  He is very professional.  Thanks Mason”

Shawn & Scott, April 2017


 My husband and I had Mason DJ our wedding at Rancho Caletas. He was very easy to work with via email working up to the wedding. We put together a few Spotify playlists for him to work from. He used our playlists for a good bit of the night, but also used his expertise to switch up the music to keep the energy of the crowd going all evening! I would definitely recommend Mason if you have a wedding party looking to have a great night.

Mason was a fabulous and professional DJ for our Puerto Viejo wedding. He was responsive in communicating, flexible with starting time, and most impressive of all, went off-road to ford a river in order to get to the wedding site when a bridge was blocked. Throughout the evening he kept everyone dancing until the very end. I would unreservedly recommend him as a DJ for a wedding or other event.

Kathleen & Luis Diego, August 2016

Stephanie & Jose, January 2013


“Mason did an excellent job at our wedding in January of 2013.  With such a short time planning the ceremony, we did not have time to put a list of songs together or provide direction for the music.  We only requested a variety of up-to-date dance music, including salsa, bachata, and merengue.  Mason provided a wide variety of music, and everyone danced the night away.  You know you're having a good time when the party's over before you know it!  I would highly recommend Mason's services for any entertaining needs.  Thank you, Mason, for making our night special!


Pura Vida!”



Andres & Cata, March 2013

“The mix was awesome!  It was great that he worked closely with us so it was tailored to the theme of the wedding.  The people did not stop dancing.  I know we'll keep him in mind for other events.”

Lauren & Chris, February 2013

“Mason did an awesome job at our wedding!  He was organized, on time, and included all of our song requests.  He was also flexible about where he set up and managed to make it to our wedding even though he had been very sick just a few days before.  We would recommend him to anyone getting married in Costa Rica.”

Sara & Ryan, November 2013

“DJ Mason read our group like a book and kept us dancing and grooving all night!  I loved his rhythm, attitude and presence at our wedding!”

Alexa Bolle
Founder/Principle Planner
Weddings Nosara

“We have had the pleasure of working with Mason for the last few years. From a planning and coordination perspective he is the ideal vendor.  Always plans ahead, double checks locations and needs and confirms just prior to the day of the event.  Feedback from our bridal couples has been unequivocally positive, and Mason's playlists rock the house!”

Killeen & Steve, March 2015

Christine & Richard, January 2014

"When we were planning our wedding, an old friend of the family who had been in the party planning business told us that there are 3 key features that make a memorable wedding: music, food and booze. It's safe to say that we pulled off quite the epic event with DJ Mason as the wizard behind all the amazing dance moves that were sashayed, shimmied and broken down on the beach that night being that two months after our wedding guests are STILL talking about the music at our wedding!! 

Mason was absolutely amazing to work with and super easy to talk to. Coming from Philadelphia with guests in a wide range of age groups, we wanted to ensure everyone was able to listen to music that not only appealed to them at cocktail hour and dinner but also got them out on the dance floor. We provided Mason a list of ideas and he rolled with it, creating the most perfect ambience. Everyone was also super impressed by his hard work as well - he was present to set up speakers and mics on the beach for the ceremony to then have a seamless transition into cocktail hour/reception in his Dj booth across the restaurant. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; in reviewing the photos we have from our wedding, it's impossible not to feel the positive vibes and hear the sweet tracks permeating through the shots of our guests breaking it down on the dance floor. We couldn't love DJ Mason anymore. It's safe to say if we ever plan a party back in Costa Rica, Mason is our guy!"





“Thank you for DJ'ing our wedding on Saturday, January 18 at Zephyr Palace.  We had such a great time and our guests did too.  We hope you enjoyed the party as well!”

Braden & Erin Wilson, November 2012

“If you are looking for a professional and compotent DJ in Costa Rica then Mason is your guy.  Music at a wedding is one of the things that guests will always remember and Mason knows how to move a crowd.  Mason went above and beyond, working with my wife and I along the way to make sure that everything was exactly like we wanted it.  Mason was prompt in email exchanges, confirmed song versions, worked with us in the evolution of our playlists, and even went as far as bringing a generator to the beach to make sure the audio was clear.”

Do it! 
When you're performing in a foreign country that you've never been to before and where you don't understand the language, it was a great relief to work with a person like Mason and WDJCR. From our emails I didn't know he was American. And as a fellow DJ, he knew what I liked and we collaborated on how to set up the venue perfectly. I highly recommend you book him for your event in Costa Rica!

Ed (Guest DJ), July 2016


Barbara and Pedro, December 2016

"Mason is an awesome DJ! He paid special attention to our music selections and made sure that we had a little bit of everything. It was particularly important for us to have Latin and Brazilian music, in addition to the old the classics...
Our wedding was in the middle of nowhere and he was there on time and helped us even with some technical difficulties during the reception."

Lo & Grayson, February 2016


"The flow of the music for the day and our evening dance party were absolutely unforgettable. We received countless comments on Mason's music selections, mixing style and overall personality. He was extremely professional, organized and easy to work with. I would recommend him for anyone getting married in Costa Rica."

Nicole & Teddy, May 2015


"We were lucky enough to have Mason dj our wedding in May 2015.  He was so easy to work with and followed our lead with all of our music selections and playlist that we made.  Everyone was having such a great time, and the dancing began right away!  You know the music is good, when we decided to have Mason stay an extra 2 hours! Our group was a fun and crazy group, and Mason knew how to cater to everyone!  Thanks Mason, for making our night such a fun and memorable one!"


Doug & Laurie, March 2013

“I hired Mason for our wedding ceremony during the In The Light Of Love week with Deva Premal and Miten and Manose at Blue Spirit Retreat.  Mason found his way onto the beach at low tide, set up and rolled away before the tides returned.  He was professional and courteous and a lot of fun to hang out with.  We will hire him again for our 10 year anniversary celebration..... if he's still DJ-in'.  Thanks Mason!!”

Jessika Loew 

Wedding Planner/Partner

Simply Perfect Weddings

“I have worked with Mason on a couple of destination weddings, and he is not only a GREAT DJ, but he is fun, flexible and very punctual and reliable.  As a Wedding Planner, it was a great honor to work with him and I recommend him, with closed eyes.”

We hired WDJCR for our wedding in Uvita, Costa Rica. WOW did Mason and his team do an incredible job!! Super professional, great personality, easy to talk to and responsive, and best of all completely understood our taste in music. We had people from many different cultures, and he created the perfect set for the entire group! From start to finish the dance floor was on fire! We actually asked him to come back the next day to play a pool party- because the group couldn't get enough. The dance party was the highlight of our wedding- and it was all because of Mason and WDJCR. Highly HIGHLY recommend!

Andrea & Yahel, August 2016

"We hired Mason at the recommendation of our wedding coordinator for our wedding at Casa Capitan in Santa Teresa and he was fantastic. He had all the music we wanted to hear and kept the party going long into the night. The thing I appreciated most, aside from his friendliness, was that we had the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner all in different locations and he brought enough equipment (and logistical knowledge) to manage all of the separate events without any awkward silences. It was everything we hoped for - THANK YOU MASON!" 

Nicolette & Ryan, May 2015


Laura Sibley 
Owner  Liquid Weddings

“I recently had the pleasure of working with DJ Mason at one of top venues in the country, Zephyr Palace at Hotel Villa Caletas, for Christine & Richard's January wedding and was so pleased with the entire experience.  Prior to the day of the event, we had only communicated by email but he had already connected well with the clients and keyed right into their musical tastes and also even participated in some of our ongoing email banter.  We had already reviewed equipment, set up, and timeline ahead of time but when Mason arrived to Caletas on the day of the event he jumped right into collaborating with us to make some adjustments that worked better in the space.  He was on call for sound engineering during the ceremony and flexible during the toasts and THEN kicked off the party in a moment's notice and had all the guests dancing in 2 minutes flat.  Actually had them "not stopping dancing" for the rest of the night.  Ha!  He improvised wonderfully on the mic to move people up to the dessert room (he has a great voice by the way) and also "scored" the Fireworks beautifully.  At the end of the night the Wedding Coordinators and most importantly the Married Couple were beyond happy (which is always the goal).  AND he is a really nice guy to boot!  A pleasure all the way around.”

Kristy & Brett, January 2013

Brian & Nicole, June 2012

My wife and I really only had three things that mattered to us when we were planning our wedding; good food, good drinks, and great music.  Mason did a great job of catering to our eclectic taste and absolutely exceeded our expectations.  He met with us prior to our wedding to discuss music selection.  Mason was not only a great DJ, but an excellent MC and friend.  We would recommend him to anyone looking to get married in Costa Rica.”

“Mason DJ'ed our wedding in Nosara in January 2013.  With very little musical guideline or specific requests from us, he managed to feel out the crowd and play exactly what they wanted to hear.  Mason really kept the party going from start to finish.  He is so easy going and was an absolute pleasure to deal with...not to mention an excellent value.  We can't thank Mason enough - music is a huge part of a wedding reception and we could not be happier with his work!”

Christian & Dani, January 2014

Kate & Dave, August 2013

Drew & Ryan, December 2013

“Mason did an amazing job keeping the party going on our beachside 12/29/2013 wedding.  Our guests took over the dance floor and danced to every song.  We had a great time and Mason found the perfect blend to keep a range of ages and interests entertained.  We couldn't have asked for a better DJ.”

Heather Barbieri
Owner & Principal Coordinator
Nosara Weddings & Events

“I enjoy using Mason for my weddings and events.  He is always on time.  He is always prepared and tentative to the schedule of the event he is working.  His appearance is professional and his personality is kind and inviting.  Mason is great at reading the crowd and providing entertainment that guarantees a good time.  I am grateful to have a gem like him here in the jungle.”

“When we decided to get married in Costa Rica, we knew immediately that we would have to find a DJ that could keep all of our guests dancing, in Mason we found that and so much more.  We are confident we could not have found a better DJ in our hometown of Toronto, so we were thrilled to find that level of talent in Costa Rica.  During the planning, Mason was extremely professional and responsive, and instilled tremendous confidence in us that he would be great.  We were busy trying to arrange other elements of the celebration and provided Mason with very limited guidance on music, only asking him to read the crowd, keep the party going and have fun.  Mason paid attention during the whole event and, without us asking, incorporated musical elements from our ceremony into his playlist, demonstrating his keen attention to detail.  He seamlessly started the music as the reception began, working perfectly throughout dinner and the speeches, tactfully dealt with song requests and seamlessly faded the "first dance" when we were done.  Once the first dance was over Mason played music that perfectly matched the demographics and tastes of the crowd and became the critical part of a really fun party with non-stop dancing.  We cannot say enough praise for his organization, talent and overall kindness. Our wedding reception was made memorable because of his work!”

“Mason DJ'd for our January wedding in Nosara after we were told that he was the best.  He didn't disappoint!  Mason was super easy to work with from the start.  He was at the wedding early and was set up and ready to go well before he was even needed.  His music selection transitioned well between cocktail hour, dinner, speeches, first dances, and the party itself.  Mason was very open to requests and suggestions throughout the night while still staying true to the type of music that we had originally requested.  He kept the party lively and upbeat from start to finish.  Thanks Mason for a great party!”

Jessica & Christian Gonzales, February 2013

We were recommended to Mason by our wedding coordinator and we couldn't have been happier with his work!  He did an awesome job with all the requests made and was fully prepared with our last minute change to our first dance song!  Everyone had a wonderful time and gave us several compliments on him!  We would highly recommend Mason to anyone having a wedding in Costa Rica!”

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