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This is the view from my dj booth today.  That's the Pacific Ocean beyond those mountains reflecting
Shot on Saturday at my sound gig.  Need sound for your wedding or event_  Check out my site at www.w
Mic check, 1-2-1-2.  #Beachweddings are amazing, but sometimes the waves can make it difficult to he
Today's dj booth
😍 Love my job.  For more information, visit www.wdjcr
Tonight's dj booth
Literally 6 hours since I got home from my last gig, here is today's dj booth... In another city...
Today's dj booth.  Want to have this amazing set up at your #destinationwedding in #costarica_  Chec
Todays dj booth
2016 commence
This is the view from the wedding I'm playing today.  I surfed down there this morning
Not an uncommon view for a #wdjcr event _) Email today at wdjcr4_gmail
Yesterday I was surfing, and the wind came onshore a little earlier than usual
View from behind today's dj booth.  Yep, that's a pool and the ocean behind it
Today's dj booth!  #wdjcr #lovemyjob
Today's dj booth! #wdjcr #puravida #sandinmypants
Today, I did not get to surf.  I did however, get this view from (almost in) my dj booth
Blue Spirit Beach Wedding
Caletas Hands Up
Samara Wedding First Dance
La Luna Hands Up Dance
Caletas Hotel Train Dance
La Luna First Dance
Samara Group Singing
Caletas Swing Dance
Caletas DJ Setup
Caletas First Dance
Caletas Party Time
Tierra Magnifica Wedding View
Bride Dance
La Luna DJ Setup
Caletas Conga Line
Punta Islita DJ booth

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